Psychic Readings By Catherine

About Myself

When i was a little girl, I can remember I would watch my mother use her psychic abilities. People would come to her worried and troubled with a very sad look on his/her face, One by one as they would leave to go home, They would be smiling, some crying tears of joy, some thanking and hugging my mother. when i was 9 years old I asked her one day

"Why do People come here sad, and leave happy?" She replied

"Catherine you should start paying attention, One day you too will be doing this, I've already seen that you can"

I Did not understand what she meant, I didn't even think about it much at the time, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian, But as i got older I began to feel these "Strange" Feelings or "intuition"  I started to see dreams that were coming true, And later just seeing visions that were true. As much as I wanted to follow my dreams I could not stop these feelings till I finally realized that these feelings were my destiny, I now know that this is what God has gifted me to do, I truly believe that god has given me as well as my mother [who was right] this gift of psychic ability to help others for I have truly devoted my life to do.           


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