Psychic Readings By Catherine

My sessions consist of, a list of the Angels that were present on the day that you were born, a description of your guardian Angels. How to seek and call on your Angels for help and guidance to help you seek happiness, prosperity and divine peace of mind. With each session I will need your Name, Date of Birth, Birth place, and time you were born. And three of your most important questions that mean the most to you.

         Chakara Balancing

I use crystals and chakra bowls to tune your inner chakras 

to bring balance back to your body, And energy to your soul,

so you can feel recharged and vitalized like you once did.

                             Tarot Cards                                 

I use tarot cards for understanding the past, to balance the present, by knowing the future.

                Palm Readings

 Available for Psychic Party's/Gatherings.

i also can come to your event that you are doing, i come and can do smaller/shorter readings at your event, It can be a major attraction for your clients/business partners, i can charge by the person or by the hour depending on what fits your event better, i come prepared to decorate a beautiful/mystical table that fits your event. Contact me for Information.

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